Fat burn essentiel nuitu

Combined two-photon laser-scanning microscopy and spectral microCT X-ray imaging to characterize the cellular signature and evolution of microstroke foci F.

Kirchhoff, F. Debarbieux, Carine Kronland-Martinet, G. Cojocaru, A. Popa-Wagner Occlusive brain ischemia and micro-strokes are the most fat burn essentiel nuitu brain pathologies, particularly in older patients and a major cause of dementia. Currently, we are missing appropriate methodology to study micro-strokes in experimental animals.

In vivo two-photon laser-scanning microscopy 2P-LSM and transgenic mouse models expressing cell type specific reporters have been used to examine ischemia-related insults, e.

Glia and pericytes can be visualized by selective fluorescent protein expression, e. In these mice, the breakdown of the blood brain barrier and the immediate as well as long-term cellular responses can be monitored.

A new prototype of microCT incorporating a fast X-ray XPAD3 camera has been recently set up to allow cerebral angiography at high sampling rate. Preliminary data indicate that it is useful to monitor blood perfusion disturbance i.

fat burn essentiel nuitu

We expect this technology to be adequate to assess in real time the impact of acute stroke models on brain blood perfusion. By localizing perfusion anomalies, we will evaluate the extent of non-perfused areas and correlate these observations with subsequent behavioral deficits, and with local changes in myelin content in white matter tracks.


The spectral properties of the XPAD3 detector moreover allow for the simultaneous identification and localization of several contrast agents opening the way to whole body multicolor imaging of vessels and inflammatory cells in the context of microstrokes. Plesea, A. The overall incidence of HCC fat burn essentiel nuitu high in developing countries and is steadily rising in most industrialized countries [Shariff MI et al.

A variety of therapeutic modalities is available for treating hepatocellular carcinoma, but orthotopic liver transplantation OLT represents a curative option. Due to the shortage of donor organs and the increasing need for liver transplantation in the last decade, local ablation therapy LAT has been increasingly used in many centers as a bridge to transplant [Majno PE et al.

We also analyzed 14 additional post-TACE tumors, classified according to the architectural patterns published by Morisco F et al. Extensive tumor necrosis was observed in 12 Viable hepatocellular carcinoma showed a wide range of differentiation, from well to poorly differentiated.

In conclusion, the systematic pathological assessment of post-TACE resected HCC can help in investigating the biology of treated tumors but needs to incorporate sampling protocols, digital image analysis, phenotypic classification by immunohistochemistry and enzymatic function.

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Mitrut, Diana Grigore, D. Pirici, Daniela Cornelia Calina, Eliza Gofita Although in the last decades the incidence of gastric cancer declined, at present it is ranked worldwide on the fourth place between all human cancer pathology. Also, it has an aggressive behavior, the majority of patients being diagnosed in advanced stages. One of the key factors to control survival improvement of those patients is to clarify the molecular mechanisms involved in initiation, progression, invasion, and metastasis of gastric cancer.

We thus investigated the immunoreactivity for TGF-beta, TGFBR1, and Ki67 of 25 specimens of intestinal gastric adenocarcinomas, and compared this with the correspondent reactivity for three specimens of diffuse gastric carcinomas; in the end, we tried to establish a statistical correlation with major clinicomorphological parameters. As a result, we noticed that the highest reactivity was present in the diffuse type compared with the intestinal variant, in which the TGF-beta reactivity progressively increased along the normal epithelium-intestinal metaplasia-dysplasia-carcinoma sequence.

fat burn essentiel nuitu

Also, we found for intestinal variant that TGF-beta immunoreactivity correlated significantly with tumor degree of differentiation and proliferative activity measured based on Ki67 immunoreactivity.

In conclusion, TGF-beta is implicated in the cum să pierdeți somnul de grăsime of intestinal type of gastric adenocarcinomas and its immunoreactivity assessment for these targets has a prognostic value.

Surlin, C. Taisescu, Adriana Bold, O. Pop, Ileana Monica Banita, Stefania Craitoiu, Catalina Gabriela Pisoschi White adipose tissue from different locations is characterized by significant differences in fat burn essentiel nuitu structure of adipocyte "secretoma".

Fat accumulation in the central-visceral depots is usually associated with a chronic inflammatory state, which is complicated by the metabolic syndrome. Recently, the adipose tissue was emerged to have an essential role in the innate immunity, adipocytes being considered effector cells due to the presence of the Toll-like receptors TLRs.

In this study, we compared the expression of Fat burn essentiel nuitu, TLR2 and TLR4 in peripheral-subcutaneous and central-peritoneal adipose depots in three different conditions - lean, obese and obese diabetic - using immunohistochemistry.

Our results suggest a correlation between the incidence of the stromal vascular cells and adipocytes TNF-alpha and TLR4 in the visceral depots in strong correlation with adipose tissue expansion. TLR2 positive cells were seen in the peripheral depots from all groups without any association with fat accumulation.

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These results focus on the existence of a new pathogenic pathway, the activation of TLR4, for the involvement of visceral adipose tissue in the activation and maintenance of the inflammatory cascade in obesity.

Correlations between morphological appearance and psychosocial difficulties in patients with extensive burns who received allotransplant D. Calota, C. Nitescu, S. Florescu, I. Lascar Extensive burns are devastating traumatic events, with significant potential for development of complex psychosocial problems.

fat burn essentiel nuitu

The aim of the study was to identify and quantify these difficulties among extensive burns patients. For each patient we developed a statistic sheet with demographic data and medical information.

fat burn essentiel nuitu

The impact variables evaluated in this study were demographic characteristic of patients, burn injury characteristics, abnormal scarring and visible scars, body image dissatisfaction and depression symptoms.